About Us

OMEDA delivers cost-effective, reliable auto parts solutions; Develop environment friendly production and operation to keep up with the trend;Concerned with the development of employees; create positive values jointly. From products sales in auto aftermarket to OE supporting supply, OMEDA has become a solid competitor who will continuously optimize its supply system and sales system to provide more complete, cost-effective and reliable auto parts packages. We specilize in following products for automotive industry:
* Oil Seal
* Gasket
* Engine Mount
* Thermostat
* PCV valve
* Oil Separator
* Oil Cooler Line
* Fuel Line
* EGR Tube

Our Principle
Faith in Sincerity, Factualism, Development, Innovation, Environment-friendly, Harmoniou. Focusing on R&D and manufacturing, cultivating creative staff and using excellent equipment, We have distinguished ourself in auto parts and precision machinery industries through unremitting efforts, which aims to provide first-class products and services to global customers and create higher value for customers.

Social responsibility

We are a responsible company with high awareness of environmental protection and safety health that is engaged in the improvement of China's environmental protection and occupational safety health. We constantly optimize product structure based on international standard, and drive environmental protection and occupational safety health management to create safe, comfortable and healthy environment and execute sustainable development strategy.

By establishing occupational safety health management system, our company effectively controls environmental protection and occupational safety health elements, such as discharge of noise, waste gas and solid waste, electronic shock and work injury. We will absorb advanced environmental protection and risk control technologies to achieve pollution prevention, clean production and zero accident.
We insist on the cooperation with and support to customers, and provide them with non-pollution products to contribute to the harmonious development of environmental protection in the world.


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